The P4G Partnership Fund will contribute to overcoming barriers related to accessing finance by providing catalytic funding necessary to inspire the replication of more public-private sector partnerships.

Type of Partnerships
  • The P4G Partnership Fund is open to partnerships at start-up and scaling phases that consist of both commercial and non-commercial partners (public sector bodies, civil society, business member organisations, trade unions or others that operate on a non-profit basis).
    • Start-up. Promising early stage partnerships (emerging partnerships) that need support to consolidate the partnership or test the feasibility of innovative approaches.
    • Scale-up. Partnerships that are already engaged in promising business-driven green growth innovations but need support to scale up and accelerate their impact.
  • Partnerships will be focused on, but not limited to, one or more of five areas:
    • Agriculture and Food
    • Water
    • Energy
    • Cities
    • Circular economy
  • Partnerships applying to the P4G Partnership Fund will have one or more of these characteristics:
    • They build business alliances with communities and government.
    • They rely on joint financing and innovative platforms.
    • They develop agreed common standards for sustainable data and reporting.
    • They help develop access to capital markets through coalitions.
    • They offer concrete, bankable solutions that are ready for large-scale investment.
Funding Information
Partnerships will be limited to a maximum funding amount based on whether they are at the startup or scale-up phase.
  • Start-up. Funding up to USD 100,000. The funding amount should represent a maximum of 75 percent of the current partnership’s budget.
  • Scale-up. Funding up to USD1 million. The funding amount should represent a maximum of 50 percent of the current partnership’s budget.
Eligibility Criteria
  • To be eligible, the intended outcomes of the partnership should be for the benefit of a country that is within the OECD-DAC list (mentioned below).
  • If the partnership activities are multi-country, regional or international (including in non-OECD-DAC countries) then the eligibility of the partnerships will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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How to Apply
In general, each call for proposals follows a two-stage process:
  • At the first stage (concept note), partnerships will complete an online application form via given website outlining the partnership composition, purpose, and scope. P4G will review and assess all concept notes and invite those that best match the criteria to prepare a detailed proposal.
  • At the second stage, partnerships will develop and submit their detailed proposal.

Form Available Here (See at the bottom of the page)