Penny Appeal is intended to implemented access to safe drinking water through installation of household/shallow hand pump in selected districts of south Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

Following will be major components of the project:

Component  1:  Construction/Installation  of  household/shallow  handpump: Installation of hand pump with 2.5-3 inches diameter bore-hole and 55-65 feet depth. The washing pad of the hand pump would be 5’ x 5’ with 10’-12’ raised from Natural surface level (NSL). UPVC pipe of diameter 1.5 inch will be used for water suctions. A hand pump machine of five (5) feet length made of brass and IIL pipe will be used.

Details  BoQ,  Drawing  and  Picture  is  provided  for  reference  and  submission.  (see Annexure-4 of ther RFPA)

Component 2: Community mobilization: The project  will  be  implemented  through  participatory  approach.  The  village development  committee  will  be  playing  a  vital  role  in  the  Beneficiaries  selection, participatory monitoring, awareness raising and accountability of the project. This component will also include liaison and coordination with district government and line departments. (Strategy for community mobilization would be required)

Component 3: Hygiene Promotion: Hygiene promotion along with enhance access to safe water for drinking will be essential part of the project. Effective Hygiene promotion approach, techniques and strategies for project implementation will an added value.

Cross cutting themes:

Along  with  above  mentioned  components,  addressing  cross  cutting  issues  including gender, age, protection, environment, culture, religion  etc.

Terms and Condition of the RFPA


The purpose of this Request for Partner Applications (RFPA) is to invite proposals from reputable civil  society  and  humanitarian  organizations  for  implementation  of  Thirst  Relief  Programme selected districts of Punjab, Sindh and KP provinces. The proposal should clearly elaborate  the strategy  for  installation  of  house  hold  level  hand  pumps  (with  depth  up to  65  feet)  through participatory approach, hygiene promotion in proposed area.

Cost of proposal:

The offeror shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of the proposal. Penny Appeal will be in no case responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct of outcome of the solicitation.

Budget Limitations:

The  offeror  may  submit  proposal  for  150-200  hand  pumps.  Depend  on  their  capacity  and identified beneficiaries in respective area.


Who is eligible:

1-  An  organization  registered  with  Government  of  Pakistan  as  Not  for  profit  and  non Government.

2-  The organization has active board of directors/governors.

3-  The organization has history of activities/projects and community linkages in the district applying.

4-  The  organization has previous proven experience of implementation of WASH projects with reputable Donor/Fund managing organizations.

5-  The organization has at least 3 year external audited accounts.

6-  Any employee, director/governor and/or other stakeholder or organization itself is not involved in any anti-state activity at any level.

7-  Organization should have NOC from government.

8-  The  organization  will  ensure  Work  allow/NOC  from  concern  Government  Authorities regarding proposed project implementation.

Who cannot apply:

1-  Individuals/unregistered groups/consultants/vendors cannot apply.

2-  Business/For profit organizations cannot apply.

3-  Organizations involved in any anti-state activity cannot apply.

4-  Organizations having political or religious affiliation cannot apply.

How to Apply

For more details:

Request for Proposal by Penny Appeal


Submission of Documents:

All the documents in zipped folder should be submitted through following email:

The  subject  line  should  be:  “Org  Name  -  Project  Proposal  Thirst  Relief  2017  (District


Documents comprising the proposal:

The proposal shall comprised of following components:

1.  Annexure-1: Narrative proposal format

2.  BoQ of the Hand pump (Filled)

3.  Annexure 3: Previous and Current project details format.

4.  Annexure 4: Cost Proposal/Budget (In excel sheet)

5.  Need  Assessment  Report  highlighting  the  current  situation  related  to  access  to  water, sources of water, depth of water, Water quality, Beneficiaries data.

Following Documents will be required along with proposal submission:

1.  Certification of Registration of organization

2.  List of Board of Governors/Directors along with CNIC, Address, Occupations and Contact details.

3.  Audit reports of Last 3 years (External Audit)

4.  Reference details from 2 current or previous Donors.

5.  Organizational Profile