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The Varkey Foundation is currently inviting applicants for its Challenge Fund Grants 2018 that will believe in the power of new ideas to shape the future of education.
The Challenge Fund’s aim is to support a small number of early-stage initiatives, with individual grants to help build the capacity of teachers and to strengthen the status of the teaching profession.
Focus Areas                                                 
The Varkey Foundation is particularly interested in receiving proposals which address the following:
  • The recruitment and retention of teachers
  • Influencing public policy and discourse about the teaching profession
  • School leadership and management
  • Support to teachers and school leaders in Fragile and Conflict States (FCAS) and emergency situations
  • Teacher-related challenges
  • To be eligible, an Applicant must:
    • Be a registered NGO/ Charity & non-profit organisation;
    • Be at least eighteen (18) years old at time of entry;
    • teach or provide educational support to students between the ages of 5 and 18;
    • not be prohibited from participating in the Application or receiving the
    • Grant under applicable law;
    • not have a criminal record; and
    • not have conducted themselves (by act or omission) in such a way as to
    • bring the teaching profession or VF, its affiliates, or their respective directors,
    • officers, employees, agents, and subsidiaries (“VF Parties”) into disrepute (as may be determined at the sole discretion of VF).
    • Previous applicants and winners are eligible to apply.
  • For a period of two (2) years after the awarding of the Grant to the winner/s, the winner must be willing to participate in the VF’s network as a representative of the Challenge Fund, as required. This shall include but not be limited to attending events, speaking to the media, undertaking training and other commitments outside of working hours, on weekends and/or on holidays. VF will pay for and arrange all travel and accommodation.
  • Grantees must also commit to:
    • Partner with the VF by supporting and contributing to outreach and advocacy activities as required (likely to be joint press releases, interviews, providing cobranded content and media for distribution etc.)
    • Provide reasonable access to the project for monitoring purposes and fully engage with management requirements over the period of funding
    • Participate in the Challenge Fund network through sharing of resources, regular updates, and provision of advice and support

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How to Apply

Please download the Application Form, fill it and send it to: