Ilm Ideas 2 is looking for Concept Notes to promote education opportunities for children in Pakistan. 

20 % contribution by the applicant is a must. It could be in cash or kind. 



The eligibility criteria for Ilm Ideas 2 funding are summarised below.

  1. Businesses, companies, social enterprises, not-for-profits, institutions, foundations are eligible to apply. No prior experience in the education sector is required but you must be able to implement your innovation effectively.
  2. The lead applicant must be a Pakistani entity legally registered in Pakistan. Typically, you will be registered as a company, as a not-for-profit (NGO) or you might be an accredited education institution. If you are not sure about whether you are eligible, contact the Ilm 2 team at
  3. Ilm 2 will not consider applications from international organisations. However, international organisations may work in partnership with a Pakistani entity as lead. In such cases, Ilm 2 expects that the international organisation will receive a relatively small proportion of the total funding awarded.
  4. Public sector organisations (e.g. local government bodies, ministries, government agencies) are not eligible to apply (although applicants may work in partnership with them if appropriate).

Applicants should note that:

  • We recommend that the lead organisation’s average annual turnover (averaged over the last 3 years) should exceed the size of the annual funding request by at least 50%. For example, if your turnover last year was PKR 13 million, you should not apply for more than PKR 6.5 million).
  • There is a £100,000 (approximately PKR 13 million) minimum threshold for total financial support requested for any one proposal.
  • All payments from Ilm Ideas 2 will be to the lead applicant. The payment will be in Pakistani rupees.
  • Applicants are required to contribute at least 20% of the total cost of the proposal. In kind contributions are permissible. If a consortium makes an application, members should agree among themselves how to distribute contribution. Ilm 2 is only concerned that 20% of the total cost is contributed.
  • Potential applicants are advised that if they receive a grant from Ilm Ideas 2, funding will be reimbursed based on actual spending when an invoice is submitted to Ilm Ideas 2 by the grantee and based on the satisfactory completion of pre-agreed milestones. No advance funding will be disbursed.
  • Ilm 2 expects successful applicants to begin implementation in July 2017.
How to Apply

For further information, necessary documents including template and guidelines, and online application, please visit the following page. 

Call for Proposals by Ilm Ideas 2