RAPID (Responding to Pakistan’s Internally Displaced) is a funding mechanism that was established in September 2009 under a cooperative agreement between Concern Worldwide and USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance.

Phase one of the RAPID fund began in August 2009 and was successfully completed in September 2013. It supported more than three million people affected by disasters in Pakistan. Concern Worldwide has now been awarded funding from USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance for a second phase of the RAPID fund.

Due to long time required to secure No Objection Certificate (NOC) for travelling to FATA, the interested applicants (I/NGOs) with limited access can use reliable secondary information from the assessments conducted by Rehabilitation & Reconstruction Unit (RRU), FATA Secretariat and UN Mission. The applicants must produce their own Needs Assessment Report and provide references from the Government and/or UN sources. The applicants must also contact and seek assistance from relevant Government authorities (FDMA and TDP Secretariat) for verification of the proposed activities and coordination with local authorities inside FATA for specific details, if required. However, RAPID Fund is a competitive funding mechanism and due to short duration of the projects and limited funding, the applicants with current presence, previous experience and the assessment report with primary information may have competitive advantage over others.

Priority Sectors

§  Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

§  Shelter and Settlements

§  Health



Eligibility Criteria

§  Applications will be accepted from national and international NGOs that meet the following requirements:

§  Registered and/or legally permitted to work in the country by the Government of Pakistan.

§  Organizations that have at least two years of previous experience in humanitarian work and that have completed an external audit.

§  Applicant organizations must have a presence and previous working experience in the proposed or adjoining area.

§  Facilitation letter/evidence of coordination for proposed interventions from the relevant authorities depending on the proposed target area.

§  The RAPID Fund supports the following types of relief and recovery projects:

§  Interventions up to three months in duration, in order to meet immediate relief and early recovery needs; for the potential applications, RF will negotiate the duration of the project to incorporate the time required to receive a project No objection Certificate (NoC).

§  Interventions that meet humanitarian needs in areas declared by the FATA/Provincial Disaster Management Authority and TDP Secretariat as being severely affected by any crises.


How to Apply

Please visit the following link for all kinds of documents - guidelines, templates, and more information - and application procedure.