The Weeden Foundation is accepting letter of intents from organizations for its various funding programs in order to protect biodiversity. The Foundation works to protect old-growth forests, expand habitats for endangered species on public and private lands, and link key wildlife corridors.
The Weeden Foundation’s primary mission has been to protect biodiversity. Since its inception, the Weeden Foundation has supported international and domestic population stabilization projects based on the rationale that an increasing population causes greater impact on the environment and loss of biodiversity.
Funding Areas
  • Domestic Biodiversity Program
  • International Biodiversity Program
  • Land Acquisition Program
  • Population Program
  • Consumption Program
The Foundation funds projects that:
  • Advocate for increased federal funding of family planning services;
  • Promote reduction of immigration levels (immigration currently accounts for the majority of U.S. population growth);
  • Investigate the impacts of population-driven sprawl on adjacent wild areas.
How to Apply

The Foundation requires that new applicants (not current grantees) submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) via email. We will respond to such emails within a few weeks of receipt. LOIs should be no more than two pages long, and reflect a basic knowledge of Foundation geographic interests and programmatic emphases as garnered from this website. We suggest all potential applicants review the site carefully prior to submitting a LOI. If the work proposed is of interest and/or fits into one of our program areas, we will invite a full proposal. Please do not call the Foundation. Returning applicants (who received a grant the previous year) do not need to submit a LOI.

Send your letter of inquiry (LoI) to the following email address: