The Rapid Response Mechanism’s (RRM) Youth Outreach is a one-time call for proposals focusing on youth-led and youth-focused initiatives. This call will run through August 30, 2017.

Through this initiative, FP2020 aims to:

  • Expand access for adolescents and young people to a range of contraceptive methods by advancing rights-based programs and policies.
  • Strengthen the capacity of youth-led and youth-focused national civil society organizations (CSOs) working on FP
  • Learn from the next generation on FP leaders about how best to support their efforts.

The RRM’s Youth Outreach will provide small grants for time-sensitive projects. To be considered time-sensitive, your project should:

  • EITHER respond to a recent change in the family planning operational environment (for instance, a recent policy change, the introduction of a new contraceptive product in the country, a humanitarian crisis, a new commitment by your government to FP2020, etc.)
  • OR work toward an upcoming, time-sensitive opportunity (for example, the scheduled review of national family planning guidelines, or the upcoming development of a national youth strategy, providing an opportunity for important advocacy work or technical assistance, etc.)

The activities in your project should fall into one or more of the following categories: Technical assistance, non-routine training, advocacy, or increasing access for hard-to-reach and marginalized groups. For examples of past and current RRM-funded projects, please visit the RRM webpage.


  • The RRM’s Youth Outreach will award a maximum of 10 grants to youth-led and youth-focused organizations. The selection process will be competitive and coordinated by the FP2020 Secretariat.
  • These grants will not exceed US$100,000. However, we expect that most grantees will receive less than $50,000.
  • RRM projects cannot exceed 12 months. However, most of our grants typically have a duration of 6 months or less.

To learn more about application criteria, please visit the RRM Youth Outreach FAQ page.



  • Youth-led or youth-focused registered national civil society organizations are eligible for consideration.
  • FP2020 considers organizations to be youth-focused if their programs serve adolescents and young people. FP2020 considers organizations to be youth-led if they are both serving and led by young people (30 years old or under).
  • If applicants are applying as a youth-led organization, they will be asked to provide additional details regarding organization’s youth leadership.
  • Please remember that:
    • Applicants must have a bank account registered in the organization’s name.
    • Applicant’s project must be implemented in an FP2020 focus country, preferably an FP2020 commitment making country.
    • If applicants request more than US$25,000, they will need to provide a support letter from an FP2020 commitment-making entity.


How to Apply


  1. Join the Webinar on August 22, 2017: Tune into the RRM Youth Outreach Informational Webinar on Aug. 22 (8:00am EST in English/9:30am EST in French) to learn more about the initiative, review the application process and ask questions! To join the webinar, please register here.
  2.  Review on integrating adolescent and youth friendly contraceptive services into programming.
  3. Submit your application form before August 30, 2017: To apply, download the Application Form, prepare your responses offline with the rest of your team, and email the completed form to before August 30, 2017.


  1. Complete additional application documents: If you are invited to submit a full grant proposal, you will need to submit a narrative grant proposal, a budget, a workplan, and other documentation. FP2020 will provide these materials and support you in completing them. If the proposed project budget exceeds US$25,000, you will also need to submit a Support Letter from an FP2020 commitment entity. As noted on the application form, we recommend that you request this letter as you complete the application form if your original budget exceeded US$25,000.
  2. Submit your final application materials by September 15, 2017.
  3. Final Selection Notification: FP2020 will make final decisions by October 2, 2017, and the first tranches of funds will be sent out four weeks later.

Find all the information here:

Family Planning 2020 Cal for Proposals