UNDP-GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) has been operating in Pakistan for last twenty five years. With grant amount ceiling of $50,000 and flexible enough to reach out to the remotest communities, SGP has won several international and national awards including Ashden, Alcan Prize and UN Habitat Award. Its Benazir Housing Technology has been selected twice for Global South -South Development Expo 2009 held in Washington D.C. and in 2011 in Rome. SGP has also been the first donor of the then fifty CBOs which have now become successful national NGOs of Pakistan. Since 2006, SGP has been focusing geographically on the Indus Delta area in Sindh with several innovative projects in other parts of Pakistan. SGP plans to focus forty percent of its grants in the Indus Delta region and the rest in the other parts of Pakistan. A comprehensive Landscape Strategy is also developed for the focused region and available for review on this website.

SGP Pakistan now announces Call for Proposals for its Operational Phase-6. The key themes to develop proposals are as under:

  1. Conservation of biodiverisity and restoration of ecosystem services in Indus Delta and other areas of Pakistan through rain water harvesting, reforestation, afforestation, agro-ecological practices, introducing tree banks of resilient indigenious species to increase reforestation, support the interventions that improve soil fertility, mangroves plantation and conservation, introducing energy efficient housing and cooking technologies, liquid and solid waste management, sustainable fisheries,etc.
  2. Conservation of rare indigenous livestock breeds in Indus Delta and globally significant wildlife species including Snow Leopard, Woolly Flying Squirrel, Musk Deer, Balochistan Black Bear, Markhor and Urial.
  3. Eco-tourism to reducing the burden of unsustainable tourism practices.
  4. Demonstration, deployment and transfer of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies and approaches that promote conservation and enhancement of carbon stocks; through fuel efficient technologies, promotion and adoption of energy efficient stoves and kilns, compressed earth blocks, use of solar powered products and trainings for repair and maintenance of solar power products.
  5. SGP also encourages the proponants to come up with proposlas on any other innovative ideas and technologies.

SGP themes, strategy, guidelines and proposal templates can be downloaded from this website


For more information, visit the following link:

Call for Proposals

How to Apply

Please send your proposals in hard copy to the following address:

Masood Ahmed Lohar
National Program Manager
GEF Small Grants Programme Pakistan

House No. 144,
Defence Officers Housing Society Phase-1,
Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan
Phone No: +92-22-2108073
Fax No. +92-22-2108074

No phone calls will be entertained to respond to queries. Attempts to influence the selection process shall automatically disqualify the applicant. However, clarifications can be sought by sending an email with specific but brief queries on our email address: . Only proponents of shortlisted proposals will be contacted for the next steps.