With its SEPS Knowledge Exchange scheme, WISIONS facilitates the mobilisation of knowledge and expertise among energy practitioners and other stakeholders in the field of sustainable energy technologies in the "Global South", with a focus on decentralised energy solutions.


SEPS Knowledge Exchange proposals should meet the following criteria:   

  • Focus on knowledge creation, conservation, dissemination and/or capacity-building 
  • Active involvement of at least one organisation with proven commitment in the field of access to sustainable energy 
  • Experience in and commitment to one of the proposed regions 
  • Clear focus on South-South exchange 
  • Clear definition of the knowledge need(s) and gap(s) addressed 
  • Clear definition of the expected outputs and outcomes
  • Relevance to the general aims of universal access to energy and sustainable development.

Not eligible for support

The following are excluded from SEPS Knowledge Exchange support:

Installation of technical concepts and delivery models (i.e. projects that aim to implement, test and monitor the operation of technical devices)

  • Academic research projects
  • Feasibility studies 
  • Long-term training courses
  • ‘North-South’ consultancy and research approaches

Which activities are eligible as SEPS Knowledge Exchange Activities?

The proposed SEPS Knowledge Exchange should allow for interaction between practitioners with significant experience in the implementation of decentralised renewable energy solutions in the target region(s). 

SEPS Knowledge Exchange activities should relate to one or more of the following focus areas: 

  • Capacity-building: strengthening the technical, managerial, communication or other skills of practitioners
  • South-South mutual learning: facilitating mutual learning among organisations active in the Global South
  • Practice-to-policy exchange: addressing potentials & barriers to specific energy technologies or delivery models to raise awareness and generate policy recommendations
  • Advocacy and awareness-raising activities: defining strategies for the effective advocacy of critical topics; creating awareness for specific technologies and/or challenges relating to sustainable energy; implementing and supporting concepts for motivating the local population
  • Others: WISIONS is open to creative ideas on how to expand the knowledge base and to strengthen capacities of practitioners as well as of other stakeholders
How to Apply

Visit the following page for more information, and application process:

SEPS Exchange Activities

The application forms and supporting documents must be submitted in English.
The selected coordinating partner organisations will have to conclude a grant contract with the Wuppertal Institute and must be authorised to issue invoices in order for funds to be transferred.