The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges has the following priorities for the coming period in 2016 - 2018.


MFMC shall support the development of innovative communication strategies that engage people, and that facilitate the transition necessary to prevent dangerous climate changes.


Goals for this term

"The Foundation’s objective is to promote efforts to protect the natural environment, primarily through the support of national and international projects.”
"The Foundation’s chief priority is to prevent or limit man-made global climate changes. (…)”
"The Foundation’s work focuses on influencing public opinion, providing inspiration, changing attitudes, spreading information, etc., all meant to have an impact on decision-makers in society. Our ultimate goal is to reach as many people as possible in the hope of limiting and helping to prevent global climate changes.”
"The Foundation will support efforts which are innovative, experimental and untested, and will prioritise means and measures which are likely to have the strongest possible impact at any given time.”
"The Foundation will concentrate efforts on projects which might otherwise be difficult to put into effect, and intends to support venturesome projects that can, if successful, yield great results. Given the choice between many small projects and a few larger projects, the Foundation will generally select the larger ones.”


Prioritisations during this period

  • We shall support communication that creates change.
  • We shall prioritise politically oriented communication.
  • We shall support new voices, actors and narratives in the climate debate, and value diversity.
  • Innovative messages and strategies are more important than the innovative use of channels and media.
  • We shall support experienced organisations and networks. 

The foundation welcomes applications from all over the world. The board grants support to the projects they believe have the greatest impact on influencing public opinion and increasing political support for cutting green house gas emissions. We are looking for innovative and experimental projects with high impact, and we are willing to bear the risk that such projects entail. Because we want to support projects that otherwise would not have been realised, we never provide top up financing.


All projects must centre on communication.

Although we may have supported such projects in the past, we will no longer finance:

  • Exhibitions, unless they are touring
  • Adaptation projects, unless they have a mitigation component
  • Tree planting
  • Scientific research
  • Practical application of mitigation technologies, unless there is a significant information component
How to Apply

Please check the dates when planning to submit an LOI - Letter of Intent/Preliminary application. 

If the board finds your LOI interesting, we will contact you and ask for a full application.  

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