By supporting our partners’ projects, we are favouring access to essential services – water, sanitation and waste management – for underprivileged populations in developing countries. In France, we are combating social exclusion whilst respecting the participation and dignity of all.
Access to essential services Support sustainable and replicable actions to reinforce the independence of underprivileged populations in developing countries.

The Fondation SUEZ structures its actions according to a set of basic principles:

  • The active implication of the populations concerned, which constitutes the first step towards achieving their autonomy,
  • The reinforcement of knowledge and expertise, via awareness-raising and training for all of the stakeholders: populations and local players,
  • The sustainability of the projects,
  • Support for innovation,
  • A joint commitment with partners, according to a relationship based on mutual respect, a listening ear and joint development.


Applications follow a three-stage selection process:

1. Pre-selection

The Fondation team examine applications according to a set of technical, financial, geographical, operational, time- and governance-related criteria…

2. Assessment

The applications selected are transferred for the opinion of 4 experts, members of Group personnel, who, on a voluntary basis, use their expertise to assess the projects in keeping with project eligibility criteria (see above).

3. Decision

Pre-selected projects are submitted to the Fondation’s decision-making bodies for selection and final approval. These bodies then vote on whether or not to provide financing and/ or expertise to support a project. A partnership agreement is then signed, and a referent is appointed among the people having assessed the project. He or she participates in project monitoring alongside the Foundation team (reports, meetings, assessment mission…).

There is no duration limit for projects, and no funding limit. However, Fondation Suez provides only 50 % funding to any project, not entire funding. The applicant organizations need to have another funder or must arrange 50 % funds from its own sources. 


To check the eligibility of your project, please refer to the Fondation SUEZ selection criteria.

How to Apply

For more information, and online application visit this page:

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