Under the umbrella of the She Trades Initiative, She Trades Invest is dedicated to supporting fruitful relationships between investors and women entrepreneurs in developing markets. In doing so, She Trades Invest addresses the sixth global action of the She Trades initiative – unlocking financial services for women-owned businesses.

 The Trades initiative aims to connect 3 million women entrepreneurs and women owed businesses to international market by 2021. SheTrades Invest expands to cover countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean and Latin America.
SheTrades Invest will:
  • Strengthen the financial and managerial capacity of women entrepreneurs, improve their investment readiness, and connect them to impact investors and financiers;
  • Build a pipeline for investors of women-owned businesses and SMEs that are benefitting women.
  • Benefits for women-owned small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and SMEs benefiting women:
    • Access to a range of local, regional and global investors and impact investors
    • Access to capacity-building/technical assistance from ITC
    • Increased level of competitiveness and a deeper understanding of business practices, trade and investment.
  • Benefits for investors and financial institutions:
    • Support the Sustainable Development Goals through a gender-lens investment approach;
    • Unlock an untapped trillion dollar market with an attractive risk and return profile; and
    • Build a pipeline with an investment-ready pool of diverse women–owned businesses from developing and emerging economies.
  • Connecting women entrepreneurs with investors will address and contribute to four important Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDG 1: No poverty, SDG 5: Gender Equality, SDG 8: Decent work and Economic Growth and SDG 17: Partnership for the goals) by:
    • Educating women entrepreneurs on business practices and requirements for participation in trade;
    • Driving competitiveness of Women Business Enterprises;
    • Bridging the gap in access to financial services for women entrepreneurs and reducing gender inequality;
    • Connecting women-owned businesses with investors;
    • Investing in women’s economic empowerment and promoting an inclusive economic growth;
    • Unlocking a largely untapped trillion-dollar market with a potentially attractive risk and return profile.
The second phase of She Trades Invest will be covering the following sectors:
  1. Agriculture;
  2. Artisan;
  3. Culture;
  4. Education;
  5. Energy;
  6. Environment;
  7. Financial services;
  8. Health;
  9. Housing
  10. Development;
  11. Information and communication technologies;
  12. Infrastructure and facilities development;
  13. Manufacturing;
  14. Supply-chain services;
  15. Technical assistance services;
  16. Textile and clothing;
  17. Tourism;
  18. Transport and logistics;
  19.  Water.
The enterprise must comply with at least one of the three criteria below:
  • Applicants must be at least 51% owned by woman/women;
  • Applicants must be at least 20% owned by woman/women, has at least one woman as CEO/COO/President/Vice President; and has at least 30% of the board of directors composed of women, where a board exists;
  • Applicants must be a SME benefiting women.
How to Apply

Women entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses interested in joining SheTrades Invest are requested to apply before 30 September 2019. For more information on the application criteria, please visit:

For investors who are interested in joining SheTrades Invest please email us on