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Food Insecurity Grant Application

One of the focuses of the Healthier Kids for Our Future initiative is to address childhood hunger and improve nutrition. Research has shown that food insecurity can significantly affect a child’s short and long-term health, and may lead to poorer health outcomes later in life.

We want to work with organizations that are on the ground, in the communities, working to address food security throughout the world. We have learned that schools—at least in the U.S. and in many countries—are a focal point for addressing this issue and in most cases, already have programs supporting at-risk populations. With that in mind, we want to fill the gaps that exist in and outside the school environment.

We are looking for programs that attempt to address these, and other gaps, in delivering food and nutritional education to children.


The Cigna Foundation is looking for programs that bracket or augment in-school efforts in the following areas:

  1. Community-based programs that support children and families' access to healthy meals and nutritional education outside the school setting, on weekends and during the summer
  2. Food and nutritional programs that provide support for expecting mothers and caregivers
  3. Support for programs that address the needs of pre-school children
  4. Health provider/clinician efforts that provide nutritional education to patients and/or food as prescription programming
  5. School-based programs that enhance or augment state and/or federal assistance efforts
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