The IMPACT Programme (“the Programme”) is a 4-year programme funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) managed by Palladium in partnership with Enclude Capital Advisory and The Good Economy.

The Programme’s overall goal is to unblock constraints preventing Impact Investing from scaling in SubSaharan Africa and South Asia. It seeks to support the flow of investment capital from Impact Investors into businesses reaching the underserved as consumers, suppliers, distributors or employees, in hard to reach/difficult geographies, and/or through innovative business models.

The IMPACT Programme funds a range of non-state actors, including but not limited to, private sector companies; civil society organisations (CSOs), nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), international nongovernmental organisations (INGOs) research organisations, policy institutes/think tanks; and trade and industry associations.

The Programme will not be investing in individual businesses or impact investing funds but will be focused on reducing market-level barriers in the impact investing ecosystem. Applicants who demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and wider ecosystem engagement with counterpart or match funding will be considered particularly favourably.


The Programme’s principal focus will be:

  • Development of a range of Products, Tools and Services, which help to increase the flow and distribution of investment to impactful enterprises;
  • Development of generally accepted principles and methodologies for managing and measuring Impact Investing performance, with a focus on impact (as opposed to financial) outcomes and outputs;
  • Deepening awareness, identity and practice of Impact Investing in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia in order to encourage more impact investing activity;
  • Any organisations with a valid legal registration, and therefore a mandate to operate, may apply for funding under the IMPACT Activity Fund. This includes, but is not limited to, private sector organisations, civil society and not-for-profit organisations and entities.
  • To be eligible to receive funding, interventions should:
    • Meet minimum eligibility criteria
    • Do no harm;
    • Contribute to delivering systemic changes to the impact investing ecosystem particularly in SubSaharan Africa and South Asia;
    • Have the potential of being adopted / replicated by the wider ecosystem;
    • Include proactive and inclusive measures for knowledge sharing with stakeholders in the impact investing ecosystem; and
    • Avoid excessive reputational risk to DFID, the IMPACT Programme, Palladium, and The Good Economy.
How to Apply

The deadline for submitting a concept note is Wednesday 20th November 2019, 12 pm GMT/ 2 pm EST/ 4.30 pm IST. Please submit your application to before the deadline

More Information and Application Templates