With its land acquisition fund, IUCN NL provides funds for local NGOs to acquire threatened patches of wilderness to create or expand safe reserves and connect wildlife habitats.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature Netherlands (IUCN NL) is inviting applicants for its Small Grants Programme for the Purchase of Nature (SPN).

The IUCN NL provides funds for local NGOs to acquire (through purchase or lease) threatened nature, create safe reserves and connect wildlife habitats for endangered species. Since its foundation in 2001, SPN has enabled the purchase of over 39.000 hectares.

High priority will be given to:

  • Land acquisition (through purchase or lease) to secure areas hosting species listed as threatened (CR, EN or VU) on the IUCN Red List;
  • Acquisition of areas with a high biodiversity value, like AZE sites or IBAs;
  • Land acquisition(through purchase or lease) of areas that are important for securing the connectivity in a landscape (corridors, stepping stones);
  • Projects in which the acquisition of land is part of a broader approach to secure and restore connectivity in a fragmented landscape and / or to secure ecosystem services;
  • Land acquisition (through purchase or lease) involving ecosystems underrepresented in the public protected areas system.
  • Geographical range
    • Local conservation NGOs working in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific are eligible for this programme and are invited to submit their proposals.
  • Local participation
    • The project should seek to harmonise with the needs, views, expertise and experience of local stakeholders.
    • The project should take into account local participation in conservation and management of the area to be acquired.
  • Implementing organization
    • Proposals can be submitted by local NGOs with:
      • Experience and capacity concerning the effective management of a conservation area.
      • Experience and capacity in the field of project management, financial management and - control.
How to Apply

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