The Alongside Wildlife Foundation will support projects that involve:

  • collecting data (including basic natural history information) that can inform plans that allow people to live alongside wildlife;
  • communicating science to communities with the goal of reducing human/wildlife conflict, and/or;
  • implementing science-based strategies for living alongside wildlife populations.

The Alongside Wildlife Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity supported by a grassroots network of people passionate about wildlife. Through research and outreach, they promote science-based solutions for living alongside wildlife in perpetuity.

  • Individuals can also apply
  • Registered organizations
How to Apply

E-mail a completed proposal to If you represent a small or international organization include letters written on your behalf by independent institutions. If you are a graduate student, include a letter of support from your advisor.

See this link for more information on Proposal Development. 

The Alongside Wildlife Foundation