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The Wellcome Trust is seeking applications for its Open Research Fund to support researchers to develop and test innovative ways of making health research open, accessible and reusable. 


  • making outputs findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) eg implementing new approaches and standards to help researchers in the same discipline
  • developing open platforms or tools eg for combining or repurposing datasets and other research outputs from different locations or disciplines, or for mining vast quantities of research data and content
  • improving research reproducibility eg developing tools to package data with code, assessing the reproducibility of published findings or testing new reporting standards
  • speeding up ways to find and share data eg using open lab notebooks to share research and collaborate in real-time (or near real-time)
  • looking at the role blockchain technology could play in managing and disseminating research outputs and assigning credit
    testing new metrics that offer transparent and fair ways to evaluate open research
  • embedding incentives that encourage researchers to adopt open research approaches during research and to share their research outputs
  • developing crowdsourcing approaches to increase participation in research eg annotating complex datasets or enabling co-design and development of research projects.


  • Applicants can apply to the Open Research Fund if applicant wants to develop, pilot and evaluate innovative approaches to making health research more open.
  • These awards are open to individuals or teams of up to six members from anywhere in the world.
  • Applicant can apply if applicant are based at:
    • an academic research organisation
    • a not-for-profit body
    • a private sector organisation.

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