The objective of this Request for Expression of Interest is to disseminate information about the ANKON Consulting Firm amongst International & Local Development & Consulting Firms (Pakistan) that relate to ANKON’s national programming objectives. This call for an EOI does not imply that the applicant will receive an award.


ANKON Background

ANKON Consulting is an international independent consulting firm which was established in 1986 within Ankara, Turkey. For the past 35 years, ANKON has been providing sustainable and transformative change within Eastern & Central Europe, Central Asia; while providing a portfolio of technical, development and consulting services designed around the priorities, experiences and solutions of our clients and partners. Every programmatic activity has multiple touch points that integrate client solutions and feedback; providing project management, institutional capacity development, local governance support, gender equality consulting, youth engagement programming, climate & environmental awareness, information & communications technology (ICT), market research and evaluation support. We believe that collaboration is critical to improving both the effectiveness and impact of our work; and are engaged with variety of international partners, including the European Union (EU), World Bank (WB), KfW Development Bank, European Bank For Reconstruction & Development (EBRD), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Embassy of The Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN), German Development Cooperation (GIZ), GFA Consulting Group, UN Agencies, Governments of Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, among others. As an organization, ANKON focuses on the provision of key technical capacity services which support sustainable development for local populations, streamline national and local governance structures, focus on women’s empowerment, address migration challenges, assist disadvantaged youth and mitigate the effects of climate change. ANKON is seeking information on International & Local Development & Consulting Firms who have experience and expertise in one or more of the following areas;

  • Technical Assistance & Capacity Development for the implementation of local governance and reform programs; with a focus on service delivery systems; including investment in MIS, Administrative and Operational components; while strengthening the capacities of targeted partners and stakeholders to achieve their desired change and development; realizing increased skills sets, enhancing sustainable performance and paying special attention to gender equity, social inclusion of marginalized groups and stakeholder accountability.
  • Information & Communications Technology Systems Design with a focus on IT strategy and efficiency, improved software applications for project planning and monitoring, information analysis, improvement of the data flow; while strengthening management reporting and control through the design and development of unified and integrated communications.
  • Public & Private Institutional Capacity Development & Support through the design of tools for improved resource utilization, rationalization of organizational activities and development of implementation frameworks; with a focus on public and private re-organization, transition and growth; with relation to both public and municipal investment projects.


Information Requested

Interested International & Local Consulting Firms are requested to respond the below questionnaire, attaching all supporting documentation where specifically requested. Please note that attachments should be provided to support each answer to the questions provided and all questions must be answered directly and clearly. Extraneous information that does not serve to directly respond to the questions will only constrain the ability of ANKON to positively assess the International Consulting Firm’s alignment with our project requirements.         

  1. Organizational Background
  • Date established.
  • Primary purpose, mandate/vision (Not more than two paragraphs)
  • Proof of registration, please provide copies of all relevant documents.
  • Primary donors and partners?
  • Current area of operation.
  1. Areas of Expertise
  • Does the firm have expertise in any key areas identified within this EOI?
  • What other areas of expertise does the firm have?
  1. Financial Position and Sustainability
  • What was the firm’s financial delivery in the preceding two years? Please provide audited financial statements for the last two years. If audited financial statements are not available, please provide an explanation regarding why it is not possible to obtain them.
  • Please provide a list of projects with description, duration, location and budget over the past five years. If your organization is less than 5 years old, please provide a full list from the inception of the organization.
  1. Public Transparency
  • What documents are publicly available?
  • How can these documents be accessed? (Please provide links if web based)
  1. Reporting
  • Does the Consulting Firm have good reporting system in place? (Please provide some good programmatic reports)

Ineligible Applications

ANKON Consulting support may not be extended to the following applicants:

  1. Any entity that has been found to have misused funds in the past.
  2. Any entity affiliated with ANKON Consulting or any of its members of the governing body, directors, officers, or employees.
How to Apply

A complete EOI with a detailed motivation letter, requested information and attachments must be submitted to:

All submissions must be received no later than 16. March.2021 on or before 5 pm Pakistani Local Time. Late submissions will not be accepted.