The Government of Pakistan is committed to controlling the micronutrient malnutrition and has identified fortification of wheat flour with iron and folic acid, as an intervention to reduce the prevalence of anemia among the population[1]. It is estimated that 50% of the population in the country consumes wheat flour milled commercially through roller flour millers on a daily basis[2]. The Government has actively encouraged the participation of development agencies such as Nutrition International (NI) (formerly the Micronutrient Initiative), to provide technical support on design and implementation of wheat flour fortification projects and NI has provided assistance since 2003.  

NI, with financial support from the World Food Program (WFP) and in collaboration with AJ&K Food, Agriculture, and Law & Health Departments initiated (WFF) Project in December 2010. Building on the lessons learnt from already completed projects, there is an opportunity to consolidate this program until such time that the cost can be passed on to the consumers. With this background, NI undertook Wheat Flour Fortification project in AJ&K with financial support from WFP to improve the iron status of the population particularly among women of child bearing age. 

[1] National Plan of Action for the Control of Micronutrient Malnutrition in Pakistan 2005
[2] Annual wheat production data received from Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) and annual wheat flour production by flour mills received from Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA)

2.0  Guidelines for preparing Proposals

9.1 Language: Proposals must be submitted in English.

9.2 Structure: Proposals must be set out in three main parts:

Part 1: Covering Letter and Declaration

Part 2: General and Technical Proposal

Part 3: Financial Proposal

Part 1:  Covering Letter and Declaration

      I.        Proposals must be accompanied by a covering letter on company-headed paper showing the full registered and trading name(s), trading and registered office address and business number of the Respondent. The letter must be signed by a person of suitable authority to commit the Respondent to a binding contract. It must quote the RFP number and title,  and include the following declarations:

    II.        We have examined the information provided in your Request for Proposals (RFP) and offer to undertake the work described in accordance with requirements as set out in the RFP.  This proposal is valid for acceptance for 3 months and we confirm that this proposal will remain binding upon us and may be accepted by you at any time before this expiry date.

   III.        We accept that any contract that may result will comprise the contract documents issued with the RFP and be based upon the documents submitted as part of our proposal. 

  IV.        Our proposal (Technical and Financial) has been arrived at independently and without consultation, communication, agreement or understanding (for the purpose of restricting competition) with any other Respondent to or recipient of this RFP from NI.

    V.        All statements and responses to this RFP are true and accurate.

  VI.        We understand the obligations regarding Disclosure as described in the RFP Guidelines and have included any necessary declarations.

 VII.        We confirm that all personnel named in the proposal will be available to undertake the services.

VIII.        We agree to bear all costs incurred by us in connection with the preparation and submission of this proposal and to bear any further pre-contract costs.

  IX.        I confirm that I have the authority of [insert name of company] to submit this proposal and to clarify any details on its behalf.

Part 2:  General and Technical Proposal

The General and Technical section should be structured as follows:

Section 1: Your understanding of the TOR provided with this RFP as Annexure A.  You may also propose qualifications to the TOR that you consider may enhance the value of the outcome to NI.

Section 2:  Technical Response: a concise description of the methodology, tools and approach that are proposed for the delivery of the TOR and an implementation plan in the form of a work breakdown analysis.  This should describe the activities to be undertaken, the deliverables / outputs and the milestone and completion dates (grouped by phase where appropriate).  The dependency of any activities and associated results on earlier results needs to be clearly indicated.

Section 3:  Personnel Profile: names, designation and Curricula Vitae (CV) of personnel assigned to work on the Project.  CVs must not exceed 3 pages, but must include:

o   a brief summary of the professional competencies of the individual relevant to the Scope of Work/TOR

o   a chronological list of relevant professional experience starting with the most recent and showing key achievements / responsibilities

o   brief details of qualifications educational / technical / professional / other

o   language competencies other than English (if required to undertake the ToR)

Section 4:  Personnel Inputs: include name of personnel, and person days with reference to activity to be undertaken. Do not include any reference to fees. This will constitute a confirmation that all personnel will be available to provide the required services for the duration of the contract

Section 5: 

  • Company Information:proof of incorporation for registered incorporated entities, proof of registration for registered entities. 
  • Previous experience: documentation demonstrating the Respondent’s experience in the proposed area of work.  This should include contact details for key clients who may be contacted in respect of the respondent’s relevant prior work.

Section 6: Required Qualifications of the agencies:

§  Minimum 3 years of working experience related to program management and trainings

§  Understanding of different nutrition related programs and projects in Pakistan

§  Experience in conducting similar assignments (financial and logistical management)

Strong coordination , communication and representation skills
The respondent / lead agency must have an annual financial turnover of more than PKR 10 million in any of the last 5 years and be able to submit their audited financial statement for the last two years.
Registration as legal entity in Pakistan
Competent in written and spoken English.

Part 3:  Financial Proposal

      I.        The Financial proposal must contain the expected budget for accomplishing the complete work with detailed breakup. All amounts quoted must be in Pakistani Rupees. The Respondent may provide a management fee of these activities mentioned in Attachment A.

    II.        Fees should be inclusive of all insurance and standard business overheads.

   III.        Please note that no fees are payable for travel days.

2.   Objective

Services of an agency will be contracted to support planning and implementation of activities planned as part of WFF project in AJ&K.

3.   Scope of Work

The agency will provide the following support:

1.    Management and Implementation:

a.    Engage regional coordinator/extender to provide technical assistance to the Food Department, Government of AJ&K and private sector to ensure project achieves its deliverables in accordance to the planned activities through effective monitoring and adequate fortification.

b.    Facilitate repair and maintenance of micro-feeders installed at mills.   

2.    Monitoring and supportive supervision:

a.    Support and facilitate fortification monitoring through food department officials and external quality control system including related training of concerned officials;

b.    Procurement of Iron Spot Test Kits (ISTK) for internal quality control.

3.    Advocacy and liaison with government and other relevant stakeholders:

a.    Organize exposure visit of policy makers from other areas of Pakistan to AJ&K to oversee the fortification program;

b.    Organize progress review meeting with key stakeholders (UN-WFP, NI, AJ&K Dept. of Food and NFA) at Islamabad.

Under the terms of this Agreement, the firm will carry out the following activities:

Task One: Management & Implementation

a.    Engaging regional Coordinator/extender to provide technical assistance to the Food department Government of AJ&K and the private sector in ensuring the project achieve its deliverables in accordance to the planned activities with effective monitoring and 100% adequate fortification.


·         Provide support in hiring the regional coordinator/extender for technical assistance to the department of Food, Government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (GoAJ&K).

·         Coordinate with Food department, NI & WFP in execution of the activities and monitor, prepare and analyse monthly reports on the production of the fortified flour. Keep track record of fortificant supplied to the mills and also provide training on fortifying wheat flour, ensuring QA/QC mechanisms are in place at mill level. 

·         Any other task assigned by NPM or CD Nutrition International.


·         Draft work plan to be shared after signing the agreement.

·         An end of assignment report on the project to be submitted within 15 days after completion of the contract.

b.    Facilitate repair and maintenance of micro-feeders installed at mills

Activities: Identify a firm for repair and maintenance of micro-feeders installed at mills during the project period.


·         Development of an agreement with reputable firm with focus on ensuring timely repair and maintenance of the micro-feeders.

·         Report must highlight the procedure adopted for including engaging a firm/ vendor, and financial statement based on the repairs and maintenance conducted along with all the supporting documents (commercial invoices, and receipts).

Task Two: Monitoring and supportive supervision.

a.    Supporting and facilitating the fortification monitoring through food department officials and external quality control system including related training of concerned officials

Activities: Engage officials from food department for supporting and facilitating the Wheat Flour fortification project activities in consultation with NI and WFP.


·         Contract signed with officials of food department.

·         Monthly report submitted.

b.    Procurement of Iron Spot Test Kits (ISTK) for internal quality control.

Activities:  Procure and supply ISTKs in coordination with NI and the Department of Food (DoF) as required.

Deliverables: A brief report on procurement, describing following information should be submitted within 15 days after completion of the activity.

·         Complete details of ISTKs procured and procurement process.

·         The procedure adopted for the procurement, including engagement of a firm/vendor.

·         Draft Purchase Order to be issued to the selected supplier, for NI’s feedback.

·         Copy of the signed Purchase Order and copy of invoice along with payment proof.

Task Three: Advocacy and liaison with government & other stakeholders.

a.    Organize exposure visit of policy makers to oversee the fortification program;


·         Plan and coordinate with NI, WFP and Food department AJK in organizing exposure visit for Ministry/NFA officials to Mills in AJK.

·         Ensure logistics arrangement in coordination with the NI, WFP and Department of Food, Government of AJ&K.

Deliverables: Prepare a brief report on the exposure visit along with mills visited, officials met from different key stakeholders and include pictures of visit.

b.    Organize progress review meeting with key stakeholders (UN-WFP, NI, AJ&K Dept. of Food and NFA) at Islamabad.


·         Arrange and conduct Progress Review meeting with key stakeholders in consultation with the NI & Government of AJ&K, Department of Food and other stake holders at Islamabad assuring venue setting and supply of logistics such as stationery, banner, boarding and lodging of participant etc. as required.

·         The meeting participants would be briefed on progress of WFFP, AJ&K, challenges and way forward.

Deliverables: A brief report on the meeting to be submitted within 15 days after completion of the activity. The report should contain the following sections along with details of activities:

Total number of participants along with signed attendance sheet of the participants, where applicable.

4. Expected experience of agency/firm submitting a proposal

o   At least 5 years of experience in the field of public health and conducting/managing similar activities including training.

o   Excellent knowledge of government of AJ&K nutrition, food fortification and health portfolio programmes.

o   Experience in working with relevant government sectors, food industry/private sector and managing multi-stakeholder group.

o   Previous experience on food fortification will be an added advantage.

5. Time frame and reporting requirements

o   The time frame for conducting these activities will be from 1st September till 30th November 2018. The firm will furnish final technical report along with final invoice as per the agreed terms of contractual agreement between NI & the selected firm.

6. Coordination Mechanism:

o   The firm will take necessary steps to ensure close coordination with NPM NI for the smooth implementation of the project activities.


How to Apply

The Technical and Financial Proposal in two separate files/folders put into a covering letter/email specifically indicating the subject line “Proposal on - Support Planning and Implementation of Activities Planned as part of WFF project in AJ&K.” and should be sent either through email or postal address:-

Postal Address:

Country Director

Nutrition International

4th floor, 94-West,

Din Pavilion Plaza, Jinnah Avnue

Blue Area, Islamabad

Tel: 051-2804118-9

Fax: 051-2804120

Email Address:

For more detailed information and complete RFP, please send request on the above email address