The Darwin Initiative is seeking applications for the Round 27 of Main Project Funding 2020 to support for projects tackling key threats to biodiversity in developing countries.

The Darwin Initiative aims to build local capacity to manage local biodiversity and the natural environment for the future, securing the benefits of these natural resources for people.

  • Objectives of the fund: Biodiversity
    • The objective of the Darwin Initiative is to protect and enhance biodiversity and contribute to sustainable development in developing countries. It does this by funding projects that help developing countries to meet their obligations under at least one relevant international environment convention/agreement and that tackle key threats to biodiversity.
  • Objectives of the fund: Reducing poverty
    • Projects funded under the Darwin Initiative must support sustainable development in developing countries for the reduction of poverty.
  • Applicants must have experience of managing similar projects in developing countries
  • Be able to demonstrate financial stability and provide audited accounts
  • The proposed project leader must have suitable qualifications or a minimum of around 10 years’ experience working on similar projects in developing countries.
  • Applications must come from an organisation, and not an individual. Applicant organisations can be based in any country.
  • Not expect foreign governments and their agencies to lead on projects, though they may be partners. Darwin funding cannot be used as a substitute for activities that would normally be part of a government’s core functions (such as fulltime staff salaries or routine management activities).
  • Organisations applying for funding must:
    • have a credible record of working on similar types of projects 
    • have demonstrated experience managing projects, preferably of a similar size 
    • nominate a Project Leader who will be responsible for the technical direction of the project and be the main point of contact
How to Apply

For more information, visit Call for Applications.