Note: The Funding amount (5,000 to 25,000) is in Swiss Francs. 

The Foundation supports projects and organisations in Switzerland and worldwide,

  • which are suited to improve the economic, cultural or social conditions of the population in tourist destination,
  • which contribute to sustainable tourism development in tourist receiving countries,
  • which contribute to intercultural understanding between people from tourist sending and receiving countries.
Eligibility Criteria
  • In order to be granted financial support, applicants must submit projects that are in line with the Foundation’s objectives, and they must observe the following criteria:
    • Financial support may, in accordance with the Foundation’s objectives, be granted for activities in Switzerland as well as other countries worldwide.
    • Financial support will usually be given to organisations, associations and legal entities.
    • As a rule, additional grants for running projects will not be approved.
    • For projects of several years’ duration, the Foundation may approve recurring grants.
How to Apply

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