Solar Mela held in Okara

CSC Empowerment and Inclusion Programme organized a Solar Mela in Okara on 3rd January 2020. The purpose of this event was to market the solar products under the PMIC (Pakistan Microfinance and Investment Company), PRIME project for the financial year 2019-2020. The Mela kicked off with the recitation and national anthem.

Solar products at display

The major highlight of the Mela was the theatrical performance by Dream Theatres in which ten artists performed a short play, titled,  “Roshan  Zindagi ki Shurawat”. The objective of the play was to enlighten the audience about the benefits of renewable and clean energy with a significant focus on solar light products. The performance was filled with light humor to engage an audience of over 350 with the play, which lasted for an hour. It elaborated the long-term cost-benefits of having solar products for both homes and businesses.

Another highlight of the Mela was the presence of Solar Vendors at the event. The participation of Mr. Raza, from Greenlight Planet (GLP), Mr. Jack from Zonergy, and Mr. Amir from Harness Energy was noteworthy. There were separate desks installed for the display of solar products by the vendors to provide the audience an awareness about the usage, working, and installment plans of various products. The vendors were also called on the stage along with the CEIP’s staff to explain the technical side of the product, which included the installation and positioning of Solar Panels.

To engage the kids in the event, a poster competition was held on the theme of clean energy. They painted and drew various exciting things on paper and learned about the concept of clean energy. Apart from these activities; a Q&A session was also conducted at the end of the play.  Questions were asked from the audience to know about their understanding and learning of renewable energy and, most importantly, the benefits of having solar light home systems in their homes.

CEIP’s existing clients also had the opportunity to display and sell their products at the Mela, catering to an audience of over 350 people.

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