Background & Description

MdM has been working in Pakistan since 1996. The organization currently implements 3 main projects.

Punjab project:

MdM has been involved in Punjab for more than 20 years, opening its mission in Pakistan with a mother and child health programme in South Punjab in 1996. In 2017, MdM started a 7-year project on sexual and reproductive health and rights in 3 phases (pilot 2017-2020, scaling 2021-2023 and replication 2024-2025) to support Population Welfare Department of Punjab to improve adaptation and utilisation of family planning and contribute to prevent unintended pregnancies

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Project:

A long-term post emergency program focusing on access to health care for the populations affected by the conflict in KP and/or natural disasters since 2009. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province experienced several crises, following continuous military interventions in various locations which resulted in massive displacements of populations. MdM is supporting KP health department in provision of health care services to both displaced and host populations in KP, with a focus on reproductive health. Currently MdM operates in 4 districts supporting 24/7 basic delivery services.

Operation Smile:

Ongoing in Pakistan since 2005, Operation Smile provides reconstructive surgeries to men, women and children victims of acid burns or having cleft palates. A team of French volunteers composed of one surgeon and two nurses comes to Pakistan twice a year. MdM works in partnership with hospitals in Islamabad and local specialized organizations to identify the patients and insure their follow-up, including psychological aid, social and financial support.


Under the supervision of the general coordinator, you are responsible for the overall management of supply chain activities and technical logistics, the balance between resources and needs as well as compliance with standards, protocols and procedures.

You work closely with the rest of the coordination team. You directly supervise one logistician based in Islamabad, while providing technical support to one logistics officer (Lahore), two logisticians/administrators (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and other logistics support staff.

Your main responsibilities are :

Logistics coordination

  • Lead the development of the logistics strategy and ensure its timely implementation
  • Define, adapt and implement the logistic tools and processes and train the teams on their proper use
  • Assist teams in the field in the planning of logistics activities and priorities
  • Provide input on logistics matters for proposal and report writing
  • Work closely with the coordination team to address queries and needs received from teams in the field
  • Ensure communication related to logistics issues with HQ logistics department

Programme activities

  • Perform the role of technical adviser and take final responsibility for all logistics tasks and duties, including those in case of emergency responses
  • Ensure the appropriate selection, installation, use and maintenance of equipment (IT, communication, vehicles, energy & electricity, cold chain)
  • Guarantee the availability, implementation and management of all technical and logistical resources
  • Participate to needs assessments in the field
  • Develop and maintain good network of contacts to facilitate emergency responses

Procurement supply chain and stock management

  • Ensure the implementation, follow-up and respect of logistics procedures
  • Participate in the development of a procurement strategy fulfilling all policies and requirements
  • Ensure monitoring of purchasing processes (including customs clearance)
  • Ensure the respect of stock management processes
  • Ensure the existence and maintenance of a filing system for procurements
  • Ensure the existence and maintenance of a suppliers database and develop relationships with local suppliers
  • Ensure the existence and maintenance of a corruption risk mitigation system

Team management

  • Be responsible for the line management of logistics staff
  • Facilitate the overall communication on issues related to logistics
  • Develop capacity building and training for logistics staff
  • Ensure briefings and debriefings of staff on logistical and technical aspects

Meetings, representation and reporting

  • Attend various coordination meetings
  • Attend external meetings related to logistics or security
  • Consolidate logistics reporting and prepare written logistics reports
  • Organise regular meetings with the capital and field logistics teams
  • Ensure logistics file archiving and proper use of logistics SharePoint


  • Be the security focal point (by delegation of the general coordinator)
  • Be part of the crisis management team when needed
  • Provide support and advice to the coordination team in security management
  • Develop, review, implement and monitor security measures
  • Monitor the security context
  • Compile and ensure proper filing of security incidents
  • Define, implement and supervise the logistical part of the security pack
Requirements and Skills
  • Experience of one year minimum in a similar position with an INGO required (with MdM is an asset)
  • Experience in security management
  • Ability to work in a volatile security context
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Leadership, team spirit
  • Reactivity, anticipation, flexibility
  • Capacity to take initiatives
  • Organisational skills, reporting and filing skills
  • Interpersonal and intercultural skills
  • Diplomacy
  • Excellent knowledge of Windows environment
  • Basic troubleshooting of routine office IT equipment is an asset.
  • Languages: Fluent English (written and spoken) mandatory. Urdu, Pashtu or French is an asset.
  • You are committed to MdM’s values as an organisation and motivated by its non-statutory, NFP model.
How to Apply

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About Organization

MdM was formally established on 1 February 1980 (the year of establishment mentioned on our website is the year when it started working in Pakistan). Its goals were "to go where others will not, to testify to the intolerable, and to volunteer".

Its origins lay in a 1979 intervention to assist a drifting boat of Vietnamese refugees in the South China Sea. Kouchner, with volunteer doctors, journalists, and others organized a hospital boat, L'Île de lumière, to provide medical care and to report the refugees' suffering.

MdM was founded as Bernard Kouchner and 14 others doctors split from the group he previously founded, Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF, or Doctors Without Borders). It has been reported Kouchner felt that MSF was giving up its founding principle of témoignage ("witnessing"), which refers to aid workers making the atrocities they observe known to the public.

Kouchner was president of MdM from 1980 to 1982. In 1989, the foundation of MdM Spain paved the way for the creation of the MdM international network. In 2015, the MdM global network consisted of fifteen associations; France (founded 1980), Spain (founded 1989), Greece (founded 1990), Italy and Switzerland (both founded 1993), Sweden (founded 1994), Cyprus (founded 1995 by Elena Theoharous[1]), Argentina (founded 1998), Belgium, Canada and Portugal (all founded 1999), as well as in Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, the Netherlands, and the USA.