Action For Humanity (AFH) | PAK-NGOs

Established in 2016

Head office at Peshawar

Societies Registration Act 1860

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Action for Humanity (AFH) was established in 2015 by a group of philanthropists from vulnerable, disadvantaged and deprived communities of Pakistan. The organization was formally registered in 31st Oct 2016 under the Societies Act XXI of 1860. The purpose of its establishment was to improve the socioeconomic status of local communities through the right based development, sustainable livelihood development, Improving health, promoting hygiene system via water and sanitation activities, Community Resilience and development by incorporating dynamism in curbing vulnerabilities to cope with ever changing disaster patterns, poverty alleviation, work for the improvement of education, protect environment via climate change adaptation, build back better via emergency relief and recovery program for affected communities, IDPs/TDM and Refugees. AFH believes in equity and struggling for peace and harmony, especially in the conflict affected communities of KP, FATA in specific while Pakistan in general. AFH also aiming to strengthen government institutions for better and improved service delivery on the basis of human rights.