Established in 2016

Founder: Mahmood Ahmed

Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar,

Section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984


Character Education Foundation – CEF was established to endow quality education, especially pertaining to Q ur’anic teachings and character education, among different schools, colleges, educational institutions and organizations in the country. It was formed in January 2016. It has emerged as a leading not-for-profit organization in Pakistan that is working in the fields of Curriculum Development, Qur’anic Education and Character Building. CEF is an independent operational entity govern as a project of Association for Academic Quality – AFAQ. However, on the path of reaching remarkable success, it is being conclusive now to register as an independent organization to attain sustainable outcomes. Currently, we are processing for its registration under section-42 of Pakistan companies Ordinance, as a not-for-profit organization.