Established in 2013

Executive Director: Dr. Riaz Ahmed Chaudhri

Head office at Islamabad

Islamabad Capital Territory,

Societies Registration Act 1860

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CEES was established to work on sustainable development . Main aims and objectives of CEES are: 

  1. To promote and develop energy sources particularly clean energy.
  2. To promote, develop, execute, monitor, and evaluate projects related to Food Security (Crop  Productivity), Soil and Plant Nutrition Management, Environmental Conservation, as well as  projects in  Rural Development. Promotion and development of environment  protection.
  3. To create awareness about health issues arising from water borne diseases and work on water  quality, treatment and purification for health protection. To provide health care particularly in    remote areas.
  4. To educate and arrange trainings in the areas of energy, environment and health.  It will comprise subjects such as  school, job-related youth education and training, and the promotion   and execution of youth employment projects. and programs through public and private  partnership at local,  regional,  national and international levels. We have the highly qualified and experienced persons to take on the projects in the areas of Energy, Agriculture, Education, Environment and Health.  Projects have been executed  and work has been done on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells ( Energy ),  Water,  Environmental Pollution , Agriculture Sciences  and Education.

Our Mission is  Promotion and development of  clean energy, water and environment for sustainable development