Head office at Islamabad



 Relief International entered the country in 2005 after a devastating earthquake where we were among the first organizations to respond. Our emergency response work continues today. We also team with local communities to deliver top-notch expertise in pressing issues such as agriculture and disease control.

In Pakistan, as in many developing countries, the well-being of livestock is critical for family finances — and for public health. That’s why RI worked to become the global leader in the prevention of zoonotic diseases — diseases transmitted from animals to humans.

On the forefront of zoonotic disease prevention, RI’s work in Pakistan:

  • Addresses the risk of zoonotic diseases by training government officials and university labs in zoonoses, ultimately preventing the transmission of diseases such as anthrax and tuberculosis
  • Empowers farmers, public health workers and other community members to prevent and safely cope with animal diseaseson the ground
  • Equips communities with civic engagement tools that enable them to advocate for medical services, women’s access to education, business loans and more