Established in 2018

Executive Director: Shahzad Ali Khaskheli

Head office at Larkana

Larkana, Hyderabad,

Societies Registration Act 1860

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The objects of the Sindh Youth Foundation are development society to provide all manner of services and support to individuals to provide care and services to those who need. Such organizational services including, but not limited to, the following: pre-prevention of cruelty to children, child and adult (Youth) day care, respite and family support programs, community residential programs, support for the elderly, employment and support programs and emergency and crisis intervention services and to promote self-help, mutual aid and better leaving to achieve these objects to do any of the following:-

• To take efforts for the improvement of Community Health according to standards of accepted health rules.
• To strive for child safety and protection.
• To provide Teachers Training for professional development for the quality education and Training.
• To provide shelter, Food & security, Water & sanitation, protection & Rehabilitation during & after disasters.
• To Establish a Community Based Development Organization to identify, develop, implement and monitor social, economic and community development projects.