SHIFA Welfare Association (SHIFA) | PAK-NGOs

Established in 2015

Executive director: Mr. Gul Buledi

Head office at Jacobabad

Voluntary Social Welfare Organizations (Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961


SHIFA Walfare Association (SHIFA) was established by social and human rights activists in year 2014 who strived hard as volunteers to create opportunities & spaces for marginalized & less developed groups of the society. It is registered under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance 1961, and is a non-profit, public benefit entity established in January, 2015 as a humanitarian organization.

SHIFA is striving for the development and empowerment of less developed and marginalized groups of society. SHIFA is a human-centered organization with multiple focus programs to address the poverty linked issues of disadvantaged groups. It is striving to create opportunities and spaces for main-streaming less developed communities so that they effectively participate in the development processes and utilize their potentials to the fullest for their development and empowerment.