Child Rights Movement – Pakistan

 In view of exploitative and vulnerable situation of children in Pakistan a group of like-minded NGOs realized that one off projects have not been able to solve the issues of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of children. Hence there is a need for joint and collective efforts on part of the civil society. This movement cannot be created without the active participation of all civil society actors coming together on a single platform. It is also important to note that countries where comparative progress has been made to address children’s issues have done it through strong civil society advocacy and monitoring and by working collectively towards a common goal. Hence a Child Rights Movement has been formed in Pakistan with the following terms of reference:


“All children enjoying their rights”


“To create an enabling environment for children through collective advocacy on child rights issues”


  1. To carry out advocacy for the purpose of institutional, policy and legislative reform
  2. To monitor the situation of children and report it to the government and the media and to monitor those actions of the Governments which have a negative impact on children
  3. To provide programme and policy guidelines to the government and donors and develop updated fact sheets on child rights and child protection.
  4. To engage in media discourse and provide information for the general public and policy makers


As a civil society forum, coordination is maintained with the relevant government departments; however, no government department can join the movement as a member. However, bureaucrats as ordinary citizens with interest and commitment towards children’s rights and protection can also join as individuals. Similarly, doctors, lawyers, professionals from media and academia etc. can also join the forum. It is ensured that a working relationship with the other relevant coalitions/networks is maintained.

CRM has chapters in all the four provinces of Pakistan, and chapters in Azad Jammu and Kashmir as well as in Gilgit-Baltistan. These chapters work in close coordination with the national chapter. There is no hierarchy involved. The provincial chapters are not controlled by national chapter. Provincial chapters work in coordination with National chapter and National chapter provides technical guidance and support to provincial chapters.

Key Activities:

  • Decide on areas of child rights to be addressed by the coalition.
  • Participate in important policy making dialogue.
  • Carry out selected research on critical child rights violations in Pakistan.
  • Develop fact sheets on child rights and child protection by collating info and data.
  • Take part in media discourse on child rights issues.
  • Develop a strategy and action plan for the coalition.
  • Develop monitoring indicators on key child protection issues.

The Secretariats:

CRM has secretariats for each province/region. The secretariat is elected by the general body of that region. Following organizations are holding the secretariats for various regions currently:

National Secretariat being managed by UGOOD

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Secretariat being managed by Da Hawwa Lur

Note: We will update this article as soon as we get the information from the relevant officials.

Punjab Secretariat being managed by

Baluchistan Secretariat being managed by

Sindh Secretariat being managed by

Gilgit Baltistan Secretariat being managed by

Azad Jammu and Kashmir Secretariat being managed by

Federally Administered Tribal Areas Secretariat being managed by

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