Corona Epidemic in Pakistan – Actions Needed, and Actions Taken

Team Pak-NGOs has started a new initiative to collect data about:

Corona in Pakistan – Image taken from Wikipedia on Apr 7, 2020
  • Actions being taken by organizations (NGOs and charity organizations) and individuals,
  • Actions needed – support needed by any particular community, or anything else you think must be done to deal with the corona crisis

We have created four forms –

  • Two forms are meant for actions taken (one for organizations, and one for individuals).
  • Two forms are meant for sharing needs (one to be filled by organizations, the other to be filled by individuals).

We will share this data widely with NGOs, INGOs, and general public. You are requested to fill this form. Please do not fill just for the fun of it. Let us behave responsibly in this time of crisis. The links to the forms are given below:

Here are the links to the four forms. 

  1. Corona Response (Organizations) – Action Taken
  2. Corona Response (Individuals) – Action Taken
  3. Corona Response (Organizations) – Action Needed
  4. Corona Response (Individuals) – Action Needed

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