EVAWG Alliance demands public apology from Tariq Jameel for his misogynistic remarks on television

EVAWG (Ending Violence Against Women and Girls) Alliance, a civil society network dedicated to promoting and protecting women and girls‘ rights in Pakistan, would like to express its shock and disgust, following the televised statement from Tariq Jameel who blatantly attacked, objectified and vilified 47% of the Pakistani population by claiming that women’s lack of modestly was the cause of the Pandemic Covid-19.
Such ill-informed and misogynistic narratives directly violate women’s fundamental rights to equality and dignity that are enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan. EVAWG alliance is therefore extremely disappointed at the fact that our government could endorse such an
individual who ignores all principles of reason, decency and rule of law.
At a time when we more than ever need to show wisdom, reason, solidarity and humanity, using a distorted interpretation of Islam to promote a patriarchal, discriminatory, vulgar, obscene and hate-driven agenda is appalling and irresponsible.
Cases of Violence Against Women and subsequently cases of violence against children have been increasing during the Covid-19 crisis; it is therefore crucial to focus on gender conducive policies: as per the Constitution of Pakistan, the State has a sacred duty to ensure that no citizen is allowed to harm, hurt and disrespect women. We therefore fail to
understand how Tariq Jameel could be allowed to hold such discriminatory speech, punishable under the law.
We, women of Pakistan, along with our men allies, proud citizens of our beloved country, demand that Tariq Jameel unequivocally and publicly apologizes to the women of this nation who neither need, nor welcome his lectures and irrelevant emotional shows that only serve obscurantism.
Moreover, we demand our Prime Minister to immediately dissociate himself from Tariq Jameel and likewise individuals who directly damage the reputation of the State, its sanctity, and who contribute to ridiculing our country beyond borders.
Lastly, we demand PEMRA to do its job and ban Tariq Jameel from all media in accordance with its code of conduct.
Pakistan Zindabad! Pakistani Women Zindabad!

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