Global Fund for Women is looking for young feminist activists to join the Adolescent Girls Advisory Council

Global Fund for Women is a global feminist fund that envisions a world where movements for gender justice have transformed power and privilege for a few into equity and equality for all. They fund bold, ambitious, and expansive gender justice movements to create meaningful change that will last beyond their lifetimes.

Today, Global Fund for Women wants to ensure that the needs, ideas, and solutions of girls—cis, transgender, and gender non-conforming—are at the center of their work and governance. They firmly believe that girls are experts in their own lives. Who else are the best guides to shape their girl-focused work than girls themselves?

The Adolescent Girls Advisory Council (AGAC) plays a critical role in finding, funding, and amplifying girl-led groups and expanding their leadership, activism, and movement-building. Working with AGAC in a participatory grantmaking process is a vital example of living up to their values of shifting power.

What can you expect from your time at AGAC?
  • As an Adolescent Girls Advisory Council member, your voice and ideas count!
  • Global Fund for Women wants to listen to you and, together, give adolescent girls around the world the support they need to become leaders and changemakers.
  • You can expect to:
    • Share your girl- and regional-related expertise: Share your knowledge and experience and advise on issues related to girls and the region you represent
    • Co-develop the Adolescent Girls’ Rights Program Strategy: Give ideas and recommendations to the Adolescent Girls’ Rights team to help develop the program goal, key priorities, and ways to measure change
    • Map girl-led groups: Identify groups and initiatives that are led by girls and that need support, whether financial, technical, or other
    • Participate in Global Fund for Women’s grantmaking process: Read proposals and reports, discuss and provide suggestions for groups to fund together with Global Fund for Women staff
    • Attend key convenings: Participate in key meetings and events to ensure girls’ voices are heard
    • Collaborate with Global Fund for Women staff and partners to advocate for gender justice and intergenerational leadership
    • Join the AGAC network of young feminist leaders
Eligibility Criteria
  • Are you:
    • From the following regions: Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, or Sub-Saharan Africa?
    • 10 to 17 years old?
    • A young feminist with functional spoken and written skills in English? Knowledge of one or more of the following languages is an asset: Arabic, Spanish, French, or Russian
    • Committed and passionate about social justice?
    • Ready to use your voice and take action to bring about change?
    • A young feminist who believes in a world where everyone should be treated equally and fairly, a world where girls’ and women’s rights matter and are respected and upheld?
    • Willing to be part of the Adolescent Girls Advisory Council for a minimum period of two years?
  • The Global Fund for Women wants to hear from you!
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