Kamla Bhasin – An Icon of Women’s Emancipation

By Naeem Mirza (CEO Aurat Foundation)

Islamabad: (Sep 25) “Kamla Bhasin was an internationally acclaimed feminist thinker, a fearless fighter for the cause of women’s emancipation and a human being with finest traits of love, compassion and empathy”, said a press release issued by Aurat Foundation.

Paying glowing tributes to the iconic feminist leader, the statement said that “her name was synonymous with the freedom for all women. She was a fierce critic of patriarchy, cruelty and all forms of violence against women and girls. Life for her was a mission to liberate women from all patriarchal and misogynist practices that dehumanize and desensitize society.

Kamla Bhasin had a vision of a society that is peaceful, and free from fear and inequality. She inspired many generations of women and touched hearts of millions of people with her messages of gender equality, and a just society. She mentored hundreds of women and girls from the platform of SANGAT, and transformed their lives, in a way that these women later joined the caravan of feminist movements across South Asia.

Kamla Bhasin was a bridge among women of various countries of South Asia, particularly between Pakistan and India. She transformed this bond into a collective vision of ‘sisterhood’ and ‘women power’. She was the Regional Coordinator of One Billion Rising global campaign to end sexual violence around the world. Her unmatched energy and passion, imagination, tireless conduct of trainings, dreams, books, jokes and songs, in fact, contributed to many successes in South Asian countries in terms of greater feminist consciousness, women-friendly legislation and policies, as well as, in creating common platforms and developing collective positions.

The statement noted with pride that Aurat Foundation and Kamla Bhasin are inseparable and will continue to remain so. She was a personal friend of Nigar Ahmed and Shahla Zia, the founders of Aurat Foundation. Aurat Foundation resolves to continue her mission, uphold her legacy, and fulfil her commitments and dreams.

To know more about Kamla Bhasin’s view, please watch these videos:

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