Meet Gulnaz Tariq – First female president of the World Union for Wound Healing Societies

In September 2020, history was made. Gulnaz Tariq made history as she became the first woman ever elected to the position of President of the World Union for Wound Healing Societies. She is first Pakistani as well.

Ms. Tariq is a Unit Manager for wound care/surgical in Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) and resides in Abu Dhabi. She is a Registered Nurse with a Post Graduate Diploma BSc and MSc in Skin Integrity and Dermatology. She trained as a nurse in the armed forces and graduated with HONOURs.

She has pursued further international wound care training by joining the International Inter-professional Wound Care Course (IIWCC)IR from University of Toronto (Canada) under auspice of Prof. Gary Sibbald in 2007.
She has been invited to present posters and conference presentations in Toronto (World Union for Wound Healing Societies meeting) 2008, Arizona (WCET and WOCN joint conference) 2010, South Africa ( Wounds International Conference) 2011 and presented many other topics related to wound care both internationally and locally.

Gulnaz introduced a diabetic foot prevention program and pressure ulcer prevention pathway in SKMC. She has organized the Abu Dhabi Wound Care Conference for the past 9 years and was appointed as the current course Co- Director and coordinator for the IIWCC for UAE and Asia from University of Toronto. She is currently working on many projects for community and very passionate about bringing World Union wound healing congress to Abu Dhabi in 2020. Gulnaz become President of IIWCG and now Bidding Abu Dhabi for wuwhs congress 2020.
Gulnaz is now Consultant for education in Stars Medical Assistance Centre, Director of Ostomy Care management course which is been organised in Abu Dhabi since last 4 years and changing the landscape of MENA Region.

Gulnaz says “I truly love what I do. I have a busy schedule with a lot of latitude. I plan my days to allow for interruptions and emergencies. My future goal is to open door for innovative wound healing centre in the region and serve the population with wounds’ I love challenging task and my passion is to prevent as well as heal wounds”. 

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