Pak NGOs in 2020

Dear Web Users/Visitors,

We would like to say Happy New Year to you all. It was indeed one of the most difficult year for most of us. The year 2020 is already behind us. Let us hope and pray that the problems it brought are also gone. The pandemic is still around though the vaccines are very much in sight, and we hope these prove to be the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. We would like to provide you an overview of how Pak NGOs did in the year 2020.

The year 2020 was, so far, the most significant year for Pak NGOs as this platform started monetization process. Though Pak NGOs enjoyed credibility in the development sector, the real test was whether its users would like to part with their money to enjoy such credible services, and Pak NGOs passed this test. We are glad that most of our users/clients continued to avail themselves of our services. In fact, we received very encouraging emails from quite a few users. Thus we have managed to keep one of our promises to make this platform self-sustained initiative. We have not sought any donor/corporate funding to sustain it, and we are, now, pretty confident that we will not need it in future as well.

2020 in a glance:

  • NGOs – there were profiles of more than 690 NGOs/INGOs in the NGOs Directory at the end of 2020
  • Jobs – Pak NGOs posted/disseminated 596 Jobs in 2020
  • Funding Opportunities – Pak NGOs posted 78 opportunities in 2020
  • News and Views: Pak NGOs created 54 posts in 2020
  • YouTube: YouTube channel activated, 15 videos posted, gained 521 subscribers, and more than 4,300 public watch hours

Current Status of Social Media Following:

  • Facebook Page – 32,000
  • LinkedIn – 4,300
  • Twitter – 1,034
  • YouTube – 640
  • Email Subscribers – 15,900
  • WhatsApp Subscribers – 650 (didn’t encourage people to subscribe for WhatsApp Alerts)

This is definitely not a big achievement. It is a humble beginning. With your trust and cooperation, we can make it big. In a separate email, we will let you know what we plan for the year 2021.

Many regards, and a very successful happy new year to all of you.

Team Pak NGOs

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