Report- “Access to Age-Assistive Technology: A resilience building measure for older people”

“Access to Age-Assistive Technology:  A resilience building measure for older people”. This report explores the intersection between age, gender and disability and the use of AT by older people, in emergency response and as a tool for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). This report urges for sensitization and capacity building of humanitarian organizations for the inclusion and promotion of Assistive Product (AP) provision in humanitarian response and offers insight into key areas to enable AT provision to successfully meet the needs of older people.

The report also explores age-assistive products beyond the traditional assistive products commonly supplied to support affected population and more towards designing a tailored approach to address the complexities of older age, led by the affected older person or person with disability themselves. The intention is to ensure that safety , dignity and voice of older populations are equally represented in the DRR and humanitarian agenda.

The Report can be accessed here – Age Assistive Technology


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