Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance (SUN CSA)

The Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance (SUN-CSA) Pakistan was launched in Islamabad on Dec 23, 2014,  during a two day national conference on the State of Nutrition in Pakistan. The milestone event was boosted with the newly established SUN-CSA adopting a Civil Society Declaration on Nutrition and Food Security. SUN Government Focal Point, Aslam Shaheen, praised the Alliance’s contributions and efforts to make scaling up nutrition a reality. He said “The government’s un-wavering commitment to lower the staggering child & mother mortality rates in Pakistan stems out of up scaling nutrition through multi-sectoral nutrition policy”. Participants from multiple stakeholder groups included high level government officials, the media and development partners.

Successful establishment of the SUN-CSA was a process which spanned throughout 2014 beginning with membership advertisements in three leading national newspapers. In response to the advertisements, 79 member organisations were confirmed from all federating units of Pakistan. Voting took place and 11 members were elected for the Executive Council with key members including;

  • Tanvir Sheikh, Executive Director, Health and Nutrition Development Society (HANDS) as Chair,
  • Arshad Mahmood, Director Advocacy and CRG, Save the Children as Secretary
  • Aman Ullah Kakar, CEO, SOCIO Balochistan as the Co Chair
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